A private tour of the Sultan Murad Heights of uzungol

Private car tour for 8 people 130$

About the Turkish city of Trabzon

A private tour of the Sultan Murad Heights of uzungol,Located in the far northeast of Turkey’s Black Sea coast, Trabzon is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Anatolia, because of its fascinating and picturesque nature, which makes it one of the regions where tourists in Turkey go continuously, with a city that has a long history, culture and spa. Through different eras and kept them to the day. and uzungol weather is very good .

The city has a number of famous tourist attractions, including Hagia Sophia, which was formerly called the Church of Divine Wisdom, Ataturk’s palace and the city’s archaeological museum, next to the ancient Roman bridge of Zaqnos and a number of castles and caves dating back to the Roman era of the city, so we gathered you A collection of the most beautiful excursions that you can visit in Trabzon via our company Helmy tours.

A private tour of the Sultan Murad Heights of uzungol

Sultan Murad Heights The reason for naming this area by this name is the existence of the tomb of Sultan Murad, the heights of Sultan Murad is located more than 75 km from Trabzon and less than 35 km from uzungol where it is one of the places famous among the tourists to be a scenic nature and a mild climate throughout Year so you will find everything that suits you in this beautiful place with lush greenery, farms, beautiful pastures and ski areas in winter.

The duration of the private tour of the Sultan Murad Heights of Uzangol

Our driver waiting you at 10 a.m. in front of your residence in Trabzon in order to begin our journey to the Sultan Murad Heights area of uzungol from the advantages of our journey to your Driver and tour guide that speaks Arabic, English and Turkish language

Special Tour details Sultan Murad Heights of Onzangol

Start our special tour in the heights of Sultan Murad, where we take the most short route from the region of the uzungol to reach the Almertvkaat where the Chakra road is characterized by a way of incomparable landscapes which gives you beautiful memories about that tour and when you reach this beautiful place you can enjoy all the services that Provided by the place where camping in the fresh air and the recognition of the customs and traditions of the locals and their celebrations between the surrounding villages and Turkish handicrafts and other things that you can do on your special tour to the heights of Sultan Murad.

Special tour features of the Sultan Murad Heights of Uzangol

  • Chauffeur-driven, English, Arabic and Turkish-speaking Trabzon and heights of Sultan Murad
  • A modern car dedicated to tours
  • The tour does not include food and lunch in the event that it is a private tour 
  • Road and fuel charges for the trip price 

The beautiful Sultan Murad Heights of uzungol.

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