Bursa tour from Istanbul


The city of the Turkish green Bursa is the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and comes in the ranking of Turkish cities as the fourth largest city in terms of population and dubbed this name because of the abundance of parks, parks and green forests within it as well as the diverse climate throughout the year and crosses a stock of the most cities of Turkey A visit to Arab tourists, especially the Arab Gulf countries and visitors to Turkey from the European Union countries, because of its widespread fame because of the presence of Mount uludağ and the boarding tourism by the cable car this other than the famous orchids factories in Bursa, which is the home of these sweets since ancient times.

The daily Bursa trip from Istanbul is one of the important trips that we care about within our company Helmy tours, where we always work on the comfort of our customers and provide all the comfort for them during the journey by providing a special car in the case of trips V I P and a modern car in the case of groups at prices suitable for all.

How far is bursa from Istanbul

Bursa is about 250 km away from Istanbul, where it needs to reach the city for two and a half hours, but we shorten this time by riding the ferry from the harbour and arriving at Bursa in just an hour and a half, which is a short time to enjoy the journey as much as possible.

Bursa Weather

Bursa is characterized by a cold climate that prevails in the snowy atmosphere in winter and mild warm sunny in the summer and spring season where the heat bikes in Bursa city in the spring and summer 25 degrees but may reach below zero in the winter, making it a kiss for all lovers of snowboarding,

Details of bursa green tour :

The driver will be waiting for you in the per-agreed location, whether in front of your home or in front of the hotel , starting at 9:00 a.m. Istanbul time, where you will be starting and heading to the port for the independence of the ferry to the city of Bursa via iskelesi  and start Bursa City Trip Program, enjoy the beautiful atmosphere, ride the cable cars, dine in front of the historic tree and enjoy the scenic views from the highest mountain and there is a free time at the top of the mountain for special activities such as skiing and commemorative photos and after finishing the most beautiful times in The green bursa and shopping and back to the harbor to return to Istanbul again.

Bursa trip includes a visit :

  • Mount Uludag 

Mount Uludag is a famous historical landmark in Bursa, especially in winter, where snow is covered throughout the year, so the mountain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, where it is reached by the ride of the cable car and is one of the mega projects in the city where thousands of tourists use the time Their visit to the city in order to climb to the mountain is considered the most important tourist places that characterize bursa flights.

  • Honey Bee House

Nestled in a picturesque mountain environment. bursa with its picturesque natural beauty, the lands of the barn and the majestic mountains make this nature the best exploit to be the source of new benefits, the honey in Bursa, and provide you with a chance to visit the natural honey in Bursa where there is a region Costanza, which includes natural honey of all kinds.

  • Ride the cable car

We will head to the top of the mountain to get down by the cable car, ride the cable car from its first stop from the cable car area, enjoy the magnificent view over the city of Bursa and the sea and pick up the most beautiful commemorative photos and there are activities on the top of the mountain you can do like snow on ice and ride the ice motors In winter these activities can be carried out.

  • Historical tree

The historic bursa tree, which is 600 years old, was planted in this place by the Ottoman Sultan X peacefully and the tree stretches over a large area with a huge number of large branches and the tree is located at the foot of Uludag Mountain in a beautiful rural village and spread in the vicinity of small shops and popular.

  • Shopping in Bursa’s biggest malls

We visit the largest shopping malls in Bursa where there are large shops for the largest and modern international brands that suit adults and children and you will find all sizes and special sizes also features a design, gives visitors the opportunity to get the best clothes, accessories, decorations and perfumes and includes Many international and Turkish brands, as well as many famous restaurants and cafes.

  • The roofed market

It is considered one of the largest and oldest markets in the city of Bursa and at the level of the cities of western Anatolia fully where it reaches the pre-establishment of the Ottoman state and has a large number of commercial shops that sell the original silk, and clothes, handicrafts and other products.

  • Halqoum Factory

Bursa city has been known since the foot as one of the most important manufacturers of halal, so we provide you with the opportunity to know how to manufacture the delicious folk dessert, and enter into its factory and watch it in the stages of its first industry, there are different types of fruits, which are made of honey or pomegranate or cocoa and many others , among which are added assorted nuts or gentlemen.

The advantages of Bursa green City trip :

  1.  Travel on the journey with modern and comfortable buses equipped with the latest possibilities for your convenience
  2.  The price is inclusive of delivery from the hotel and return to the hotel after the trip.
  3.  A guide that speaks Arabic, Turkish and English is provided for easy communication
  4.  The price is inclusive of the ferry fees to go and return to Istanbul
  5.  The price is inclusive of a cable car ride 
  6.  The price is also inclusive of lunch grills at the best restaurants on the top of the mountain.

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