Fishing in the Bodrum

Fishing in Bodrum

Bodrum is one of Turkey’s most famous tourist cities on the Turkish coast. Bodrum has everything for everyone. Where is the old city that protects it from A to Z? Historical masterpiece.

Where you find in the city everything you want, between the bars, restaurants and multi-shops there are natural paths between the forests of the green city and there are also various tourist activities such as safari jeep tours and muddy tours and there are islands that enjoy the city, which is a wonderful tourist destination and tours of fishing and diving, Bodrum Turkey has an excellent infrastructure, providing all the basic needs and the highest level of restaurants, cafes, nightlife and interesting amusement parks. Bodrum is a major center for Turkish tourism where it has many live and vibrant sailing scenes from cruises on large boats.

The duration of the fishing tour in Bodrum

If you are a fishing fan and love fishing trips dramatically? If you are interested in hunting a big fish using traditional and modern fishing methods and having a good time fishing, we at Hilmi Tours offer you this on a gold plate. We organize the fishing tour in Bodrum for those wonderful moments of fishing pleasure .

Features of the Turkish city of Bodrum:

The driver is fluent in Arabic, Turkish and English.

The price includes the transfer from the hotel to the starting point of our tour and vice versa.

This tour for the whole family is a maximum of ##### people.

Tours and Tours Bodrum Turkish City

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Tourism in Bodrum

Turkey has beautiful and charming cities, which also feature beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions that attract many visitors throughout the year. Including the city of Bodrum, which is located on the Mediterranean coast in the southern region of Turkey in the Turkish province of Mugla

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