Lake uzungol Tour from Trabzon


About the Turkish city of Uzungol

Monuments of the village of Ozengol and its charming surroundings are 100 km away from Trabzon

Lake uzungol: The Witch of the East and west at an altitude of 1100 m from the sea surface with a width of 7 km fresh water a chance to sit down and enjoy nature, The village of uzungol and its enchanting surroundings are 100 km from Tarabzon, the lake of Uzungol from Trabzon is famous for its picturesque nature and its coniferous lagoon, and it is an important destination , you can booking uzungol tour .

The Turkish village uzungol has been famous for its recent period and has become a tourist attraction where Turkish restaurants and souvenir shops are located and the village is famous for its lake, which is surrounded by the tap trees, mountains and green meadows that are given by Jamal And magnificence above its beauty the villagers are renowned for their fishing, especially river salmon fishing, and the provision of this fish in traditional village restaurants, which is one of the most delicious and distinctive dishes of the tourists. In recent years, tourists, especially from the Arabian Gulf region, have doubled their turnout for the village, some of which are long-staying for several months on summer vacation.

The duration of Lake uzungol Tour from Trabzon

The tour to the lake of uzungol begins at 10 a.m., where our driver is waiting for you to start the journey to the enchanting lake of Uzungol in Trabzon, from the advantages of our journey to your Driver and tour guide, speaking Arabic, English and Turkish language.

Details of Lake uzungol Tour from Trabzon

We begin our tour to the centre of the beautiful village of uzungol, where the green scenery and the beauty of its lagoon, surrounded by mountains from every direction where the green color stillness on our journey is the permanent color throughout the journey, especially in the summer and spring seasons but no need to worry where you also in winter have the village and Lake Ron As the last one with the white snow, you are like a bride in her beautiful dress. In winter you can enjoy interesting recreational activities and ice skating in the village.

In the second phase of our tour we will stop at the famous knives factory in the village, which is a tourist attraction where the scenes of the manufacture of knives and handicrafts and the methods of painting them and then we go to the Turkish tea with a taste and after eating the winter prepare to go to the main goal From our tour, the beautiful Uzungol Lake, which captures the beautiful scenery of its towering mountains, where we will wander across the lake and take the memorable photographs between its side.

Lake uzungol Tour from Trabzon

  • Chauffeur-driven, English, Arabic and Turkish-speaking Lake uzungol Tour from Trabzon
  • A modern car dedicated to tours
  • The tour does not include food and lunch in the event that it is a private tour 
  • This tour include food and lunch
  • Road and fuel charges for the trip price 

Lake uzungol Tour from Trabzon .

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