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In our company Helmy tours, we are honored to present the journey of the princesses to all of our valued customers as part of our outstanding travels, which we are working on in Istanbul’s daily tours and excursions, whether it be tours with a tour group or private tours where our travels are always available throughout the year.

Princess Island Overview 

The island of princes of the magnificent Turkish Islands, located on the Sea of Marmara in the ancient city of Istanbul, consists of a group of small and beautiful islands with a total area of about 15 km and attracts the islands a large number of tourists in the spring and summer to enjoy the beautiful calm atmosphere The spectacular scenery that captures the souls of those islands in the world is pristine and devoid of all the elements of pollution, where the traditional means of conductor are still adopted by horse-drawn carriages, where the islands do not allow cars to enter, except cars. Where they are based on the islands on those carts beside bicycles.

In the past, the island of Princesses was a place of exile for the officials of princes, ministers and princesses in the Roman eras, especially the period of the Byzantine rule of that region, and remained so in the reigns of the successive Ottoman Empire, especially in the period of the reign of the post-Sultan Ahmed and despite this history The islands of this island but today are considered one of the best tourist destinations in the world in terms of tranquility and pristine landscapes and picturesque and therefore considered a suitable trip and a romantic for new couples.

The most important activities you can do:

  1.  Ride the horse carriages and enjoy a tranquil and refreshing atmosphere on the streets of the Princes ‘ Islands.
  2. You can ride bicycles or walk to see the island’s beautiful forests.
  3. Enjoy traditional Turkish cuisine or enjoy sea food at the island’s classic restaurants…

You can roam in the embrace of nature, but it is important to leave the noise of your daily routine behind you, here alone the nature of the talk and you just have to listen to her whisper.

The advantages of the Princess Island Journey with the group:

  •  tours-specific connectors are provided at the group or the private princesses ‘ island trip to and from your residence
  • The trip price includes ferry tickets from the harbor on the go and return trip
  • The fare includes a meal for lunch that is selected and selected from one of the restaurants located on the island.
  • The trip price includes a round of stagecoach cars to enjoy the streets of the island and watch them for 45 minutes
  • The Princess Island journey is characterized by being able to go in a family group or as a private trip

The advantages of the Princess Island journey on your own journey:

  • A modern car with a guided Arabic-speaking tour
  • The island and all the surrounding islands are especially enjoyed
  • Full flexibility at the time of departure and return within the Princesses ‘ islands
  • This trip is very suitable for new couples.

Princess Island trip in Turkey

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