Private yacht cruise on the Bosphorus

Tour Price 150$

Our valued Customers at Helmy Tours offer you the best and strongest cruise in the Bosphorus with a luxury tourist yacht where you enjoy the beauty and splendor of the Bosphorus Strait where we offer you a great opportunity to enjoy the view of the palaces and museums on the banks of the Bosphorus and pass from the bottom of the Sultan Mohamed Fatih Bridge and reach the tower of the girl around which a lot of legends revolve.

Bosphorus Strait 

The Bosphorus Strait or the so-called Istanbul Strait is a sea strait that connects the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara, where the historic city is divided into two Asian and European parts, where the width of the strait reaches 3,000 kilometers and is considered to be from the waters of international navigation, which is why the Bosphorus is a water corridor du Me is important and one of the most important ships corridors in the world because of the strategic position between the two continents, because of its strategic position which connects the continents of Asia and Europe, and according to the ancient Greek beliefs, the naming of the strait means the passage of the cow

Bosphorus Tour Details

After our prior coordination, the representative of our company will arrive in front of your residence to take you by car to the Bosphorus where the luxury yacht awaits you in the entire port in accordance with your requirements and then start a journey that is considered to be a life tours in the Strait of Bosphorus in the beginning By passing through the historical tourist monuments on the Strait of the Ottoman Palace of Al Hakam, ancient castles and fortresses and famous restaurants located on the shores of the Bosphorus, the most important characteristic of our tour is the passage from the Three Bridges of Istanbul (Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge), and in conclusion we say goodbye With roses and then the driver will take you to your residence.

Bosphorus Tour Duration:

The Bosphorus Strait flight differs from one customer to another where the journey starts from one to two hours and may last up to four hours or more depending on the client’s request.

The Bosphorus tour includes a visit:

  • Bosphorus Bridge 

It is called a large number of names such as the Bosphorus Bridge or the hanging bridge and other names and is considered the first bridge built to connect the city of Istanbul in its European and Asian parts

  • Fatih Sultan Mohamed Bridge 

One of the most important landmarks in the Bosphorus Strait trip is the passage from the bottom of the Mohammed Al Fateh Bridge, the bridge between the Asian section of Istanbul and its European section.

  • Tower Girl (Tower of the girl)

Tower girl or tower girl as some people call it an ancient historical tourist attraction of the city of Istanbul where this tower revolves around many ancient Roman legends.

  • Extended palaces on both sides of the strait 

Our Bosphorus cruise is characterized by our passage around an impressive number of ancient Ottoman palaces, such as the Palais des Paşa and others, beside the magnificent palaces and villas built on the banks of the Bosphorus and the restaurants located in the center and on the banks of the strait.

Features of this trip:

  • The Bosphorus Strait Tour is available for reservation at any time in advance.
  • The Bosphorus tour features that we secure and provide the services to and from your residence
  • You can play a fishing hobby and enjoy it during the trip
  • You can order a lunch or dinner on board the yacht
  • You could organise a private party on the yacht.

Bosphorus Tour

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