rafting tour in antalya


Antalya City at a glance

The city of Antalya is one of the most beautiful and magical cities in Turkey, where its location gives it more distinction on the Mediterranean coast between the coastal slopes in southwestern Turkey and the beautiful mountains, making it a picturesque and charming nature and Antalya is surrounded on every side by palm trees The city retains its historical character, as well as being a coastal city, but at the same time it has a long and great history, it has a number of mosques, churches, religious schools, a Turkish public bath of ancient eras designed in the Greek-Turkish style, and some areas of Antalya. It retains its narrow cobbled streets since the Ottoman period.  It is clear to us that the city of Antalya is not a modern city, but an ancient city with a long history appearing in old buildings and streets.

rafting tour in antalya

rafting from Antalya is a beautiful and popular tour of the beautiful seaside town, where all the adventurous and exciting lovers enjoy a rafting tour of the magnificent slopes of the town of Baskunac in Antalya for a whole day, where the participants in that tour will obey the vision The magnificent pine trees and the vast expanses of the forests of Antalya and a number of trees that only grow from the Mediterranean regions, canoeing is a major tourist activity in the park and in Antalya in general where it is an easy sport for everyone.

Duration of the rafting tour in Antalya

Our driver is waiting for you to move with a convenient and modern transportation to start to go to your tour and enjoy it as you move at 10 a.m. and your driver and tour guide will be Arabic, Turkish and English speakers in order to work on your service and comfort.

Details of the rafting tour in Antalya

Our tour starts after moving from your residence in Antalya, moving by car and arriving at the Baskonac, which is located on the banks of the most beautiful rivers of Antalya city where we begin to prepare for the tour and receive security and safety instructions from specialists in this matter before the start of the round and wear the helmet and special life jackets With the rubber boat where this rubber boat can reach eight people and then move on your rowing tour where you will see for yourselves the beautiful forests and pine trees with the dense greenery of the place with every slope in this river and after the completion of the tour we will go for lunch Great in one of the restaurants near the river.

 Antalya City tours from Helmy Tours Company:

  • transfers is a modern and comfortable private car.
  • Driver and mentor speaks Arabic, English and Turkish.
  • Including all the equipment for rowing on all sides
  • The price includes lunch after the tour
  • The price does not include drinks during the tour
  • The journey may not be suitable for those under 12 years of age.

 Antalya City tours from Helmy Tours

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