Tour to Cesme & Alacati

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Tour to Cesme & Alacati

The Turkish city of Izmir is one of the important Turkish cities in the region of the Turkish coast and the Anatolian Plateau where its privileged location on the Aegean Sea, where the city is located along the Central coast of the Aegean Sea is the historic city which was formerly known as the City of Smyrna, it is today of the cities in the atmosphere Thriving alongside the beautiful historical ambience, surrounded by its natural beauty with magnificent Ottoman architecture, Izmir blends magnificent architecture with historic sites to bustling and colorful markets with much to see and do in Izmir.

In the third order of Turkish cities with a residential density on the Aegean Sea, Izmir is in the great history of the Roman and Greek empire until the Ottoman era and the state of Osman Hafez throughout those years on the archaeological structures and historical monuments of all time periods The various that have passed by, the beautiful city has a great number of tours, excursions and tourist activities that you can do from the Ephesus tour of Izmir to Cesme tours by boat where adventure, fun and challenge to Pamukkale tours of the charming Izmir to the tours of the city of Bergen and Izmir and others of activities where the city’s history and modernity are in a wonderful blend that lives in an atmosphere of excitement and pleasure every moment in the city of Izmir.

Duration of Tour to Cesme & Alacati

Our driver will be waiting for you on the agreed date at your residence in Izmir to begin the move that your tour in the beautiful city of Izmir where the driver and tour guide speak Turkish language, Arabic language and English at the same time so be ready to help you full in all that regards Tour and work at your convenience and happiness for the duration of the journey and the duration of the flights 9 am to 6 pm until returning to your residence again after the tour.

Details of the Tour to Cesme & Alacati

With its 19th-century historical roots, the city of Alacati is one of the finest and most beautiful areas of Izmir, with a sense of tranquility and beautiful scenery, along with the ancient architecture that makes you feel part of a great history, along with the windmills that date to be built. To 150 years ago and its great fame in the world of windsurfing with clear pure seawater, consistent and steady winds and acclaimed hospitality. Alacati is one of the most authentic cities in Turkey with stone houses, narrow streets, boutiques and fine restaurants.

Next to the second stage of our tour to the charming Cesme is the one that always reflects the beauty and magnificence of Ottoman architecture, where the city is famous for being the city of Turkish fountains, because of the abundance of Ottoman fountains scattered throughout the city and the island’s privileged location in front of the island of Chios. Greek making it an important tourist area in Turkey which should not be missed to go in while you are in Izmir.

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