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About the Turkish evening in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the most unique cities in the world. Its unique location in the center of Anatolia makes it one of the world’s permanent destinations for travelers from all over the world. Thanks to Cappadocia’s combination of rare and enchanting valleys, rocky formations formed over millions of years and rock formations The Caves of Cappadocia are especially natural in everything, even in their hotels and rooms carved in the mountains.

Location of Cappadocia City

Today, the area and city of Cappadocia are in a privileged position in the center of Anatolia from east to south. It is bordered to the south by the city of Caesarea, the mountains of Taurus and the province of Laikonia, and from the north are the chains of Galatia and the Black Sea. The city lies on a plateau at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. It has a large number of volcanic peaks and Mount Argheis. The climate of the region is clearly continental, characterized by summer heat and drought, while cold and snow in the winter with a clear scarcity of precipitation.

Duration of Turkish Evening in Cappadocia

The move was done on the date agreed by you, where the driver is waiting for you in order to move to start the tour by a convenient and modern transport, besides the driver speaks Arabic, English, Turkish.

Details of Turkish Evening in Cappadocia

We have the honor of our company Helmy Tours for tourist trips in Turkey to provide a distinct evening in Cappadocia. Where we give you the opportunity to experience the culture and traditions of Turkish under the music of traditional Turkish music that Bazvha Turkish popular bands classic old traditional fashion for the people of the region. While enjoying folklore popular and folk dances by the dancers, especially the dance groom and the bride .ozlk to experience the celebration of the Turkish attire traditional when they get married in Turkey, where wearing the groom dress red and beautiful dancing in the middle of the dance floor with the provision of soft drinks and alcoholic unlimited beside appetizers where the main dish It is the lamb meat with rice which is a traditional Turkish wedding meal.

At the end of the night we prepare to take you to your residence after spending a fun and exciting time in the best Turkish evening in the unique city of Cappadocia where fun and dinner are in a wonderful and beautiful atmosphere.

Features of the city of Cappadocia from Hilmi Tours:
Mobility is a modern and comfortable private car to our tour of the city and back to it
A driver and mentor who speaks Arabic, English and Turkish
The price of this trip is comprehensive dinner.

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There is no doubt that the Turkish city of Cappadocia is one of the most beautiful tourist cities that you may wish to visit one day, where the city carries within it the beauty and charm of its beauty, its unique geological nature and the activities that do not care about its repetition, adventures and unforgettable memories, as well as the famous city of Cappadocia Distinguished by its many unique design hotels.

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