The historic city of Istanbul always has a lot of hidden spots, so as a visitor to the city, you have to show it and enjoy it. Here comes the sile agva or agva istanbul or avva istanbul tourist area, which is located 120 kilos from the European section of the city where the splendid beauty and that sends to rest and psychological The region has charming tourist attractions that attract a thousand visitors a year, making it the first dusty of the city’s new visitors.
agva istanbul area of the tourist group is characterized by the privileged location on the Black Sea and the cause of acquiring a special place for the Turks and tourists from all the country where the beautiful green nature of the Northern Anatolia regions in a way that is working alongside some of the most wonderful areas in Sila which is the hidden lake Which is characterized by the beauty of the plain veer where it is located behind a natural dam hides it in an actual way, consisting of the water that collects after the end of the winter season of the valleys and the surrounding mountains from all sides so it is called the Hidden Lake because it shows only to those who go it is hidden between the mountains.

sile agva is also the ancient Ottoman lighthouse, one of the oldest marine beacons in Turkey, and a distinctive sandy beach for swimming and relaxation, as well as the magnificent sile turkey or avva istanbul Beach, where the sandy beach floor can be seen for its water purity, as the two rivers pass through the The Black Sea is making mountains in two halves with a very cool scene.


Our chauffeur will be waiting for you in front of your residence at 9:00 am until you are in the modern transportation facility to start a journey to the most northern Anatolia regions, where our journey begins after the arrival of the breakfast between the green nature and the high Sheila Mountains and then it is going To the Hidden Lake of sile, where you can stroll around and close by and admire the enchanting scenery where you have a great opportunity to take pictures in those beautiful and rare places. After completion, the ancient Ottoman lighthouse is considered an artifact that testifies to the greatness and history of the Osman family, where the lighthouse was built on a mountain within the sea and away from the shore, making it a strange and rare thing at one time and after the completion of their visit is going to the beach Sandy in agva where you can swim and relax there on the warm sands of the beach and then come our date with lunch at one of the city’s restaurants overlooking the river Gescopt which is aiming at the Black Sea and you can practice many entertaining activities in the area of safari and yacht rides to roam the river and the sea.

The most prominent stations on Sile and Agva full day trip from Istanbul

  • Visit the sile lake and enjoy its beauty and lush scenery around it and take the commemorative photos next to it
  • Visit the ancient Ottoman lighthouse, which was built rarely and strangely in the Ottoman era
  • Visiting the city of Agva, which has been a city of Turkish fishermen since the foot
  • Take a one-hour boat ride into the Gosscoob River
  • Dine in one of the city’s beach restaurants
  • Visit the city’s beach, enjoy the warm sands and enjoy the various activities in it.
  • Then back from sile agva to Istanbul

Advantages of our trip to Sila and Agva

  • The way to and from Istanbul by modern transportation method
  • Driver and tour guide speaks Arabic, English, and Turkish language
  • transfers to and from your residence
  • Boat tour up to a full hour
  • Luxury lunch
  • Our journey lasts up to 12 full hours


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