Private tour to the Oylat Cave and thermal Bath tour

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Private tour to the Oylat Cave and thermal Bath tour

It is a miracle of God’s miracles in the Earth and a point in the sea of the beautiful landmarks of Bursa, which is located 6 km from Bursa city of the unique areas of destination of tourists in Bursa city is the third largest cave in Turkey but is considered the most important cave in Bursa city where surrounded by trees m n all sides beside the beautiful flowing waterfalls and small cave caves in the same mountain and there are hot thermal natural baths in the same place

The cave was formed 300 million years ago as a result of a very large earthquake, which stretches deep into the mountain within 655 metres, and 146 degrees to make it easier for visitors to roam. Jith This cave is characterized by the presence of the pictures and the stalactites that attracts attention where you can take the picture of the ticket with him and you can relax Walatsgmam in the green area that stretches the cave and watch the outer waterfalls around it.

After visiting the Oylat Cave, we will go to the thermal bath with sulfur water, which is the reason for the healing of a number of diseases including rheumatism, psoriasis and the disease of low blood circulation where you can enjoy the beautiful sulphur water in the same bathroom and you can shop from The nearby village has high quality products and captures the outstanding bridge between the two mountains, where scenic scenery, beautiful nature and scenic views.

Special tour to the Oylat Cave and thermal Bath tour

Our tour starts at 9:00 am, where our chauffeur awaits you with a modern and comfortable car in front of your residence to start our tours to the Uleilat Cave and the Magnificent thermal bath in the green city of Bursa.

Special tour details to the Oylat Cave and thermal Bath tour

We start our tour to the Oylat cave by moving in front of the oil in the modern car where the cave is away around 60 kilos from the beautiful Turkish city of Bursa where we divided our journey into two parts where the first section of the tour starts at the end of the cave of Aueels where the magnificent cave views formed over millions of years and which Reached 300 million years and then our second section of the tour is inside the cave itself where the cave is enjoyed from the inside where the blocks and the beautiful shapes where the length of the cave reaches 656 km and the degree of temperature up to normal rates between 19 ° to 55 ° C.

At the bottom is 500 metres inside the unique cave where the thermal baths are an integral part of our journey, which is considered one of the most important natural baths in Turkey, where the water of the baths with sulfur water, which is caused by the healing of a large number of amrad, including rheumatism, psoriasis and other Diseases where you can enjoy the bathrooms and their own water and enjoy the landscape formed by the bathrooms and the great water temperature

And at the end of our tour will be our last stop of Maha Fruit Garden there you can find all kinds of fruit and the best of them at all in that garden where you can enjoy a wonderful lunch and delicious grilled meat in that area known as Inegol Kofte and then prepare to return to the city Exchange again in order to return to your residence.

The advantages of the oylat  Cave Tour and the thermal bath of Bursa Green:

  • transfers with a modern and comfortable private car from your residence and return to it
  • The driver speaks Arabic and Turkish language in addition to English language.
  • group tours include: Admission tickets, lunch and car parking.
  • Private tours do not include admission, lunch and parking tickets.

Private tour to the Oylat Cave and thermal Bath tour

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