Tour to Kamal basha waterfalls

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Tour to Kamal Pasha waterfalls

If you are looking for a beautiful, perfect and green place to enjoy and record the most beautiful memorable memories if you are a fan of photography and want to keep a unique collection of the picture of your visit to the beautiful city of Bursa, our tour to the waterfalls of Kamal Pasha is your goal perfect. Kamal Pasha Waterfalls It is the grand waterfall or what is known as the Kamal Pasha Waterfall, which features stunning green landscapes with a variety of recreational opportunities that suit the entire family. This waterfall is located in Mustafa Kamal Pasha’s Natural park, which is approximately 38 meters high, between the surroundings of the sights Picturesque nature and beautiful trees, with refreshing cool air, make the garden a vital place to spend the afternoon.

Duration of tour to Kamal Pasha waterfalls

Our journey begins at 9:00 am, where our Driver and tour guide will be waiting for you to start your tour to Kamal Pasha waterfalls where your guide and driver will speak Arabic, Turkish and English in order to remove all the penalties before you and enjoy the most beautiful times in the city Stock Exchange.

Details of our tour to Kamal Pasha Waterfalls :-

We begin our tour to the waterfalls of Kamal Pasha by going to the historic city, located just 80 km from Bursa, dating back to the time of the Battle of Hittin and earlier where it continues to preserve the Roman and Byzantine heritage where the enjoyment of civilizations and history and then begin to visit us to the trees e Weeping historical and dating are the other to a boat of 700 years and that near the lake Golyazi where we can sit under the tree and enjoy the drinks before the lunch break, which we then go to visit the Sugu waterfall, which is the highest place in the area

And in the most important point of our tour is to go to Kamal Pasha Waterfall, which features this magnificent waterfall with a nearby picnic area, enjoy a delicious meal of authentic Turkish food and relax between the amazing sound of water and the tones of colorful birds and the waterfall is a perfect place for the family to enjoy the company Children, especially with the fact that it also boasts a variety of animals and wonderful birds in the nearby forests.

The advantages of Bursa green City trip:

  • transfers with a modern and comfortable private car from your residence and return to it
  • The driver speaks Arabic and Turkish language in addition to English language.
  • The price includes lunch, guide and travel on the group tours, but it does not include lunch in the private tours

Bursa tours to Kamal Pasha waterfall 

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