Tour to the village of Gummelik and visit the Saeed Abad waterfall

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Tour to the village of Gummelik and visit the Saed Abad waterfall

The city of Bursa the green heaven of Earth in the Earth and the gift of God in the inhabitants of this area where God gave her the natural beauty and the beautiful waterfalls throughout the surrounding as a classy tune with large trees and magnificent mountains, which makes the stock of a wonderful and skillful painting, beside its unique location in North-west of Turkey, which made it the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and the author of the fourth largest Turkish city in terms of population and the most important Turkish industrial cities.

It is called the green Bursa because of the abundance of beautiful and unique waterfalls, parks, parks, forests and the head of the Saeed Abad waterfall or the so-called small waterfall, which is the most beautiful tourist areas in the city and means a large number of tourists who go to this area Quiet, beautiful and serene, blended with the beauty of nature.

Duration of the village of Gummelzyk and visit the Saeed Abad waterfall

The driver awaits you in front of your residence in Bursa City at 9:00 am to start our tour to the Saeed Abad waterfalls where you will be moving with the driver and tour guide who speaks Arabic, Turkish and English in order to help you spend a good time in the tour.

Tour details to the village of Gummelik and visit Saeed Abad waterfall

We begin our tour by visiting the old citadel in Bursa, which is located on a city-lift, where the clock tower and the cannons that are launched in the holy month of Ramadan to this day to know the time of iftar and then move on to the village of Gummelzhik, the old Ottoman village that returns Its history to 700 years ago with the beginning of the Ottoman countries, where ancient Ottoman-style houses and cobbled streets where you can feel that you have been back in time for 700 years and you can take the commemorative photos and buy the handicrafts that the villagers work and enjoy With traditional Turkish food.

Then we take our tour to the Saeed Abad waterfall or the small waterfall, which is located in the Kistal area and is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Bursa, which was discovered through a group of refugees who came from Russia during the period of World War I to search for a safe place from the war Hell in the city of Bursa was this shell The time is a long area that exists underground and exploded earlier and became the current form of it and you can visit the Happy Abad waterfall as a trip to the honeysuckle that is on the way to the waterfall and enjoy a special barbecue with your family or friends.

After completing our visit to the Saeed Abad waterfall, we go to the marketing center where the Turkish textiles are unique and exquisite where you can buy some cotton products before reaching the last station of our tour, which is the botanical plant, in which we will have a good time to enjoy the views and flowers Natural riding and a wonderful number of other beautiful tourist activities.

Advantages of a tour of Gummelik village and visit the Saeed Abad waterfall

  • Transfer with a convenient and modern transportation from your residence to the tour and vice versa
  • Driver and tour guide speaking Arabic, English and Turkish language hyphenator
  • The price of the tour in private mobiles includes transportation and guide only and the price in the tours groups includes lunch, guide and Transportation
  • The price includes lunch, transportation and guide in case of group tours.

Bursa tours to Saeed Abad waterfall

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